Safety & Experience  

At Georgia Tank Lines, we are safety fanatics.

Georgia Tank Lines’ first employee, John Hill has headed the company’s safety operation since Day One. John, the only safety professional in Georgia to hold every safety-related certification available from federal regulatory agencies, watches over every truck and every driver.

Before the first delivery is made, Georgia Tank Lines conducts a site survey at the delivery location to assess any safety or delivery concerns. In addition, Georgia Tank Lines drivers are trained to check for water and other contaminants before making each delivery.

Once those familiar red-and-white trucks begin to make their way to you, on-board computers constantly monitor key performance metrics for each truck in our fleet. This real-time monitoring ensures that each truck functions at its peak performance level. In addition, this same computer constantly checks each driver’s adherence to safety mandates. Our dispatchers also use the system to alert drivers to changing traffic patterns, approaching weather systems and even new construction.

If a problem arises during the delivery, Georgia Tank Lines experts are standing ready to assist.

That’s how we deliver the fuel you ordered on time, every time.

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